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3 Snacks To Avoid During Quarantine

Dental Health in JacksonvilleThe COVID-19 crisis has left many people stuck at home for an extended amount of time. Many of our patients have had to postpone their preventative care dental hygiene appointments because of this crisis. As a result, we wanted to provide you with some information on how to care for your dental health at home. Here are three snacks that it is best to avoid during quarantine:


Many candies contain high amounts of sugars that contribute to plaque and tartar build-up. This is because the sugars are often coated in gummy, sticky residues that make it more difficult to remove them from your teeth surfaces. Additionally, sour candies contain harmful acids that wear down your teeth enamel. To satisfy a sweet tooth, try opting for some apple slices instead. Apple slices offer a naturally sweet taste while also containing loads of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is absolutely essential for your dental health because it helps your mouth fight off gum disease.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a common crunchy snack that many people reach for. However, we recommend patients avoid them as much as possible for the time being. This is because crunchy snacks have more of a likelihood to cause jaw pain or tooth damage. If you suffer from a TMJ disorder or if you have found that you have been experiencing a sore jaw lately, it is best to find a softer snack to satisfy your cravings. We recommend cheese snacks including sliced cheese, cubed cheese, or string cheese. Not only is cheese easier to chew, but it also contains a lot of calcium which is necessary for your optimal dental health.

Citrus Fruits

While most fruits and vegetables do wonders for your smile, there are some that can actually cause damage. Even fruit juices composed of these fruits can cause damage. This is because citrus fruits contain a very high concentration of acids that wear down your enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity over time. Fruits like oranges or grapefruits should be eaten in moderation. Additionally, lemonades or any other highly acidic beverage should be consumed sparingly. Instead, try opting for lower acidic fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew.