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General Dentist Jacksonville, FL

General Dentistry is the foundation of our Jacksonville dentist office. Dr. Alexander is a family dentist, dedicated to providing quality, attentive, and comprehensive care for the entire family.

General Dental Services


Your First Appointment With Us

For adult patients, the initial appointment with the dentist involves a comprehensive oral exam. Dr. Alexander will review your medical and dental history and listen to your goals/concerns before inspecting your teeth.

The dental exam is very thorough and consists of:

  • checking all of your teeth for decay and defective fillings
  • examining your mouth for oral cancer and periodontal disease
  • and taking the necessary diagnostic x-rays.

A dental hygienist will perform a dental cleaning. Once we diagnose the results of your exam, Dr. Alexander will discuss our findings and outline a recommended treatment plan, as well as detail the amount of time and cost associated with your treatment.

Preventive Dental Care
The goal of general dentistry is to treat problems in their earliest stages. We accomplish this by establishing a regular schedule of dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Alexander will recommend an oral health routine to each individual that best suits their needs and goals. Many patients only need to visit every six months, but others may benefit from more regular visits.

We are able to recommend the most conservative methods of treatment for our patients with routine visits. This means we can conserve the natural teeth more often and save the patient from potentially expensive and uncomfortable procedures.

Dentistry For Children in Jacksonville FL

General dentistry and regular dental cleanings are especially important to the health of children and teens. As a family dentist, Dr. Alexander offers dental services for children including preventive and general dentistry appointments starting at age 3. Our staff can help parents with common topics such as proper tooth brushing, thumb sucking, orthodontics, and wisdom teeth.

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Our patients often tell us that a visit to Alexander Dentistry is unlike any other trip to the dentist. Our comprehensive approach is part of what makes us so successful in delivering healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Contact our dental office in south-side Jacksonville, FL to schedule your consultation with Dr. Alexander.