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Is Stress Affecting Your Smile?

We are all experiencing added stress in our disrupted daily lives as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. When considering the impact of stress on the body it is important to monitor how it is affecting your smile. Are you experiencing jaw pain, clicking or popping noises when chewing or recurring headaches?

If stress is affecting your dental health it is important to pay attention to symptoms and contact our office if there is new or increased pain and discomfort. Left untreated you could develop more complex problems or teeth can become damaged.

Teeth Grinding and Stress

A common cause of pain in and around the jaw is teeth grinding or bruxism. Stress is often a trigger for teeth grinding and jaw clenching which can even be occurring during sleep. Over time teeth grinding and clenching can lead to:

  • worn teeth or teeth that appear flat
  • cracked teeth
  • tooth damage such as chips
  • tension in the jaw muscles
  • jaw pain
  • headaches, especially around the temples

If you have noticed changes in your teeth such as increased sensitivity, tenderness or even teeth that feel loose you could be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw without realizing it. Dr. Alexander can address an emergency situation in our office and we can work with you to treat teeth grinding once regular office hours are resumed.

The health and stability of your smile not only gives you confidence in your appearance but also plays a key role in the enjoyment of overall physical well being. If stress is wreaking havoc on your dental health we can provide a solution to mitigate discomfort and prevent damage to the teeth and gums.

Our dental care team is here for you during the coronavirus pandemic and hopes that all are staying safe and well.