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Need to replace Missing Teeth?

For patients who are missing several or all of their upper or lower teeth, dentures and partials in Jacksonville offer a great, long term solution. Aside from the physical difficulties, losing your teeth has serious emotional effects. Dentures and partial dentures can restore your smile and restore your confidence and quality of life.

Dentures For Missing Teeth

Jacksonville dentist, Dr. Alexander carefully designs dentures that fit comfortably and securely in your mouth. Advances in materials and technology ensure that today’s cosmetic dentures look natural, allowing you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Full dentures are used to replace all of the upper or lower teeth, while partial dentures are made to fill gaps in the smile. Dentures can either be removable or fixed. Fixed dentures are secured in place with dental implants.

Implant-secured Dentures

When possible, Dr. Alexander prefers to use implant secured dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth. While implant-supported dentures require a significant investment initially, the long term benefits help offset financial concerns.

Benefits of Implant-secured Dentures:

  • Better fit and retention
  • No risk of slippage
  • Helps to maintain bone structure
  • Many existing dentures can be converted into an implant-supported denture
  • Eat any foods with confidence

The teeth play an important role in the appearance of the face and people who are missing teeth often look older than they are. Without a healthy tooth structure, the lips and cheek will sag or droop. Replacing teeth can have a significant affect on the appearance of a patient. In addition, once a patient has lost a tooth, the bone structure begins to deteriorate. Dental implants help to retain bone structure and avoid unwanted problems in the future. Learn about the benefits of dental implants if you’re missing teeth.

Dental implants or dentures: which is the best option?

The restorative options for replacing a missing tooth – or teeth- are dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. In most cases, unless a patient is not a good candidate, Dr. Donald Alexander frequently recommends dental implants.

Dentures can offer patients natural looking replacement teeth that are removable for cleaning and can be adjusted for fit as needed. However, this feature can also cause discomfort for many patients who may find it difficult to eat certain foods due to slippage. Additionally, over time the jaw bone may begin to recede and dentures will begin to feel loose and uncomfortable.

Dental implants, while more costly up front, offer many long term benefits and provide a natural looking AND functioning replacement for lost teeth. Anchored into the jaw bone with a tiny titanium post, a dental implant acts much like a natural tooth. The post can also help to preserve jaw bone, minimizing bone recession that naturally occurs when a tooth is removed.

Dr. Alexander will place a custom made crown on the post once it heals which will feel secure and blend with surrounding natural teeth. Implants do not require patients to watch what they eat because they are permanently attached to the bone!

Patients with ill-fitting full dentures often choose to replace them with implant-secured dentures. Dr. Alexander permanently secures the dentures with strategically placed implants. No more slipping dentures or adhesives to deal with!

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If you have missing teeth or are about to lose your teeth, please contact our Jacksonville dental office for a free consultation with Dr. Don Alexander. We will review your condition and recommend various treatment options for replacing your missing teeth. We will explain dental implants vs. dentures as well. During the consultation, we’ll review the cost and length of treatment as well as payment options and dental insurance. Request your consultation online or call our office at 904.901.4302 for more details.