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Jacksonville FL Dentist Office

Dr. Donald Alexander is a family dentist in Jacksonville, FL. He’s completed advanced training and specializes in treating patients with complex dental problems such as replacing missing teeth and TMJ disorder treatments. He also offers sleep therapy to treat patients suffering from sleep apnea and other dental-related sleep disorders.

Our Jacksonville dentist office is conveniently located in San Jose Forest at the corner of St. Augustine Rd. and Caballero Dr. We are easily accessible from the Jacksonville beaches and nearby south-side neighborhoods San Marco and Mandarin. Dr. Alexander’s office is open Monday through Friday with emergency visits available.

Our Mission Statement

In our practice, we strive to provide the highest level of dental care for smiles of all ages. We offer a full range of services from general dentistry and preventive care to advanced cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and restorative dentistry procedures. Our goal is to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with conservative, affordable treatment options.

Your First Visit

Dr. Alexander believes that the patient comes first and effort is made to deliver and perform our services in a gentle and caring yet thorough manner. Our patients often tell us that a visit to Alexander Dentistry is unlike any other visit to the dentist.

We emphasize comprehensive care, which means a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth, mouth, muscles, and joints. We screen for oral cancer and take diagnostic x-rays to identify any “hidden” problems. Our hygienists perform a complete dental cleaning and you will have the opportunity to discuss your dental concerns and goals directly with the dentist.

Regular Visits

Regular visits to the dentist are important to your long-term dental health. We recommend that patients visit at least twice a year for a dental cleaning(s) and examination(s). Depending on the patient, some may benefit from more frequent visits to Dr. Alexander. he will discuss the schedule that is best suited for you individually.

Trying to Find a Dentist in Jacksonville?

If you want to find a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida with the convenience you need for routine care, expertise, and experience to solve your complex dental problems, contact Alexander Dentistry. Dr. Alexander is one of the most trusted dentists in Jacksonville.

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