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Dental Implants vs Dentures & Bridges Jacksonville, FL

Alexander & Greenburg Dentistry offers dentures and dental implants as viable options to replace lost teeth. The best treatment for you will depend on your personal oral health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Donald Alexander, a dentist in Jacksonville FL, will evaluate your gums and teeth and present you with all of your treatment options.

Whenever possible, dental implants are recommended over removable appliances for a lasting, natural-looking result. The benefits of dental implants offer long-term dental health when compared to dentures as well as dental bridges! Dr. Alexander will outline the pros and cons of each treatment and how they will benefit you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are now considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. With a nearly 98% success rate, dental implants offer a permanent and secure missing tooth treatment option. There are many benefits of dental implants, including full chewing function, replacing missing teeth at the root, not slipping, and offering full chewing function.

Dental implants can replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth, or all of your teeth. They are capped with a dental restoration that is custom fit to your smile. Dental restorations now use the latest in dental materials for a natural-looking tooth replacement. Dr. Donald J. Alexander in Jacksonville, FL will meet one-on-one with each patient and answer all their questions.


Dentures have long been the only option for replacing a full set of missing teeth. With the advancements in dental technology, dentures are now more realistic in appearance and provide greater comfort and fit. If you choose dentures to replace your missing teeth, you now have the option to have a removable denture or a dental implant-secured denture.

Removable dentures can sometimes move or shift while eating and chewing, causing embarrassment or a lack of self-confidence. Traditional removable dentures require special daily and thorough cleanings. Dentures do not support the structure of the jaw bone, and patients may experience gradual bone loss and deterioration of the structure of the jaw.

Dental implant-secured dentures help to support the jaw bone. This permanent restoration offers patients the confidence that their teeth will not shift or slip in social interactions. You brush and maintain dental implant-secured dentures like your natural teeth.


Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. In the past, a dental bridge could only be secured by filling down the existing teeth to use as posts for the bridge. You could then snap the bridge on and off of these filed-down teeth.

Dental bridges are more cost-effective than dental implants and may provide a temporary solution for missing teeth. But they offer some disadvantages, such as creating damage to healthy teeth, tooth decay to surrounding teeth, and they do not last as long as dental implants.

Learn More About Dental Implants

Dr. Donald J. Alexander provides free dental implant consultations in Jacksonville. Alexander & Greenburg Dentistry is your local dental implant specialist. Schedule a visit online or give us a call at 904-901-4302 today!