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Root Canal Jacksonville FL

Dr. Alexander provides painless root canal therapy treatment in Jacksonville, FL for patients of all ages. No one wants to lose a tooth. Once a tooth is lost, the replacement methods are often stressful and expensive. We understand that a root canal treatment may be an intimidating diagnosis for some patients.

Many patients think root canals are a painful procedure. Some patients may even avoid seeking treatment for infected teeth, and would rather live with prolonged discomfort than go to the dentist. In reality, root canals are generally no more painful than a regular dental filling.

In fact, root canals may offer instant relief from pain caused by your tooth infection!

The term “root canal” actually refers to the natural cavity at the center of the tooth. There is soft tissue and nerves inside the root canal. Damage to the tooth can cause bacteria or debris to enter this area and cause irritation, infection, or in extreme cases, an abscess.

An abscessed tooth is very serious and should be treated immediately as the infection can spread to other parts of the body. If you believe you have an abscessed tooth, contact our office immediately to schedule emergency dental care.

Root Canal in Jacksonville FL with Dr. Donald Alexander

Root Canal Procedure Explained

A root canal procedure is used to remove infected inner tooth pulp. Root canal decay can be extremely painful. If untreated the bacteria that caused your tooth infection could eventually spread to your bloodstream, causing systemic health concerns. It is best to always seek the help of a professional dentist as soon as possible for any dental concerns. Your oral health is directly linked to your overall wellbeing.

The root canal treatment procedure is a routine procedure that can be performed by Dr. Alexander in the comfort of our Jacksonville dentist office. Root canal therapy usually requires multiple visits. First, Dr. Alexander will take digital x-rays to evaluate the tooth and root canal, looking for signs of infection in surrounding areas. A form of anesthesia will be administered to help you relax and numb the area.

Dr. Alexander will start by drilling a tiny hole into your tooth to access the infected area. Then he removes all of the damaged, inflamed, and diseased pulp tissue, leaving your tooth hollow and infection-free. The root canal is then thoroughly cleaned and polished.

The hollow tooth will be filled with a biocompatible rubber compound called gutta-percha. Dr. Alexander will place a restorative dental crown for added structural support of your natural tooth.

Treating tooth decay and root canal infections as soon as you begin to notice signs can help Dr. Alexander maintain the integrity of your natural smile. Conservative dental care is always preferred, however, if untreated for a long time, Dr. Alexander may need to extract your tooth. Regular visits to Alexander Dentistry can help diagnose tooth decay, or infection, early for more conservative dental care.

Root Canal FAQs

Is a root canal procedure painful?

No. While root canals have a painful reputation, the pain is caused by the actual infection, not the root canal procedure. Many patients experience instant pain relief after the root canal procedure. We make sure that you are completely comfortable and relaxed for your dental procedure. We can also offer you conscious dental sedation options to help alleviate your anxiety.

Is a dental crown necessary after a root canal?

The answer depends on which tooth is treated. If your molars or premolars are affected, then you will need a dental crown to protect your tooth. Front teeth, canines, and incisors do not need a dental crown after a root canal. Significant tooth cavities should be capped with a dental crown.

Is a root canal covered by dental insurance?

Yes. Many dental insurance providers cover part of the cost of this restorative dental procedure. It is very unlikely that your provider does not cover at least part of the treatment to save your tooth. Most dental insurance providers consider a root canal as a major dental service and may cover part of the cost. Contact your dental insurance provider for specific details.

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