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3 Most Asked Questions About Root Canals

Root canals get a bad reputation for being painful procedures. However, under the care of experienced dentists like Dr. Donald Alexander or Dr. Micheal Greenberg, root canals can be a simple, pain-free process that can be fixed in office. At Alexander Dentistry, we provided high-quality dental treatment to help maintain your bright, healthy smile. Treating a root canal will require multiple visits to our Jacksonville dental office. Drs. Alexander and Greenberg will work with you to develop a plan to help heal your teeth and restore your natural smile.

3 Most Asked Questions About Root Canals

Knowing more about your root canal treatment can help relieve any fear you may have about the treatment. We believe in open channels of communications at Alexander Dentistry. If patients have any question, please feel free to schedule an appointment online or give us a call 904.372.8157

Are root canals painful as they seem?
Root canals are known to be a painful dental treatment. However, like with any complex dental procedure, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Greenberg use their skill and experience to ensure patients receive the treatment they need in a comfortable environment. At Alexander Dentistry, we work with you to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your dental procedure.

Will I know when I need a root canal?
Once the tooth is infected, patients may feel some symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, toothache, or tooth discoloration. But not all patients feel any symptoms of an infected tooth, which is why it is important to schedule comprehensive preventive oral exams. At Alexander Dentistry, we advise patients to visit of Jacksonville dental office twice a year so that we can accurately check the mouth, teeth, and gums for any sign of dysfunction.

What is the root canal recovery period like?
After most procedures, patients may feel some sensitivity or pressure after their root canal. Most symptoms can be relieved with an over the counter pain medication.