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Dental Implants for A Better Smile

dental implant for missing teeth jacksonville flHave you lost a tooth or do you feel frustrated by a poorly fit or slipping denture? Jacksonville, FL dentist Dr. Donald Alexander offers dental implant treatment plans to help patients regain their optimal oral health. Dental implants are the gold standard in missing tooth replacement for their varied long term benefits and high success rate.

While Dr. Alexander provides options for missing teeth replacement, none are as reliable, secure and long lasting as dental implants. Dental implants are a prosthetic root made of biocompatible titanium. The small screw like structure is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. As the implant heals it will fuse to the bone helping to promote jaw integrity and natural bone regeneration. No other missing tooth replacement offers the same natural look, feel and function as dental implants.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

With advancements in dental technology, dental implants can now be used as an effective restorative treatment option for most patients. Dr. Alexander will conduct a thorough oral health exam to determine if you have enough healthy bone structure to support dental implants. There is no one right choice for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Alexander will help you find the treatment option best suited to your budget, oral health, and cosmetic goals.

Can dental implants replace all of my teeth?

For patients missing a whole set of teeth dental implant secured dentures may be an ideal treatment. Using careful strategic planning Dr. Alexander can place just four implants into the healthy bone to secure a full set of dentures. Dental implant secured dentures provide a stable and secure fit so that patients no longer have to fear the embarrassment of slippage while eating or speaking. Implant secured dentures also require no more maintenance than natural teeth.

Schedule A Complimentary Consultation

Missing teeth can affect the quality of your life and your health. Left untreated, missing teeth can create a domino effect of oral and systemic health problems. Some health concerns associated with missing teeth are gum disease, bone deterioration, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation. At our Jacksonville, FL dentist office we believe that all patients deserve quality and personalized dental care. That is why Dr. Alexander provides complimentary dental implant consultations. Our staff will spend time with you to help outline the procedure, the cost, and explain all of the life-long benefits dental implants can offer. Contact our Jacksonville, FL dentist office to schedule your complimentary consultation.