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How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Confidence

Replacing missing teeth in Jacksonville FLThere are many ways to conceal a missing tooth, but only one treatment actually replaces the appearance and functionality of natural teeth. Dr. Don Alexander is a dentist in Jacksonville, FL offering dental implants to patients with missing teeth. Dental implants can restore your confidence in your health and your smile.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

To replace a missing tooth, a metal implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone, replacing the tooth’s root. Next, an artificial tooth called a crown is attached to the implant, blending in with your natural teeth. Once the implant is fully integrated with the jawbone, you can use your new implant exactly the same way you would your natural teeth with no extra maintenance required.

How Can Dental Implants Help Restore My Confidence?

Unlike dentures or dental bridges, dental implants are permanent and are used and cleaned just like your natural teeth. There is no need to remove the implant and clean it since it is a permanent addition to your smile. No one would know you had implants unless you told them.

Dental implants can restore your confidence in your oral health, too. When a permanent tooth is lost, no matter the cause, the jawbone can change shape and risk the stability of neighboring teeth. Implants replace the root of the missing tooth and fully integrate into the jaw bone, ensuring the jaw bone stays in place and keeps teeth secure.

Dental Implants in Jacksonville, FL

Implants are a long-term investment in your oral health. Dr. Alexander is focused on the long term maintenance of a comfortable, functional smile that provides confidence and the best possible quality of life. Schedule your consultation online to start restoring your smile and confidence today.