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Are Your Headaches Linked To TMJ?

Are you experiencing consistent headaches, especially in the morning?

Most patients would be surprised to learn that certain type of headaches may be linked to a dental concern called TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is classified as a  dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint allows you to move your jaw in order to chew, speak, and drink comfortably. Although there is no one direct cause for TMJ Disorder, patients with certain health issues may be more prone to developing TMJ disorder.

TMJ therapy Jacksonville FL

Conditions Linked to TMJ disorder:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Teeth clenching
  • Malocclusion
  • Unbalanced bite
  • Arthritis
  • Genetics

Jacksonville, FL dentist, Dr. Don Alexander has extensive training and experience identifying and treating TMJ and other bite disorders.

Symptoms Associated with TMJ Disorder:

  • Aching or pain in the jaw, face, and neck
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Popping or clicking sound when moving the jaw
  • Headaches (especially in the morning)

Treating TMJ Disorder

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with TMJ disorder, please don’t hesitate to contact our Jacksonville, FL dental office. Dr. Alexander can work with you to create a personalized solution to alleviate your symptoms and restore health to your smile.

To begin your treatment, Dr. Alexander will perform a comprehensive evaluation, bite analysis, and a one on one consultation. Dr. Alexander will assess the relationship between the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints to determine if they working cohesively.

Your treatment is dependent on a few different factors, including the condition of the teeth, cause of TMJ, and your overall oral health. Dr. Alexander will provide a comprehensive solution to treat all symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Treatment For TMJ

TMJ Mouthguard: A TMJ mouthguard is a custom-made appliance that fits comfortably over the teeth to prevent you from grinding your teeth during sleep.

Bite Correction: Dr. Alexander may also perform a bite correction procedure to bring the teeth into proper alignment. Dr. Alexander may utilize one or more treatments to achieve a healthier smile.  Treatments may include cosmetic bonding, dental veneers, dental crowns or Invisalign (invisible braces)

Schedule A Consultation

If you are experiencing signs of TMJ disorder, you may want to schedule a visit to our Jacksonville dental office. To schedule a consultation, call 904.372.8157 or request an appointment online.