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How Dental Tech Benefits You

Dental Technology Jacksonville, FL

How Dental Technology Benefits YouDr. Donald Alexander and Dr. Michael Greenberg stay up to date with all of the latest dental technology and diagnostic tools through a dedicated career to providing quality and state of the art dentistry. Our Jacksonville, FL dentist office is equipped with the most modern in dental procedures, technique, diagnostics and materials.


What Is It?
Using lasers and optical scanning, Itero takes images of the intricate surfaces and contours of your gums and teeth. In less than five minutes, our dental team will have accurate, virtual molds of your mouth.
What Are The Benefits?

iTero Digital impressions eliminate the need for messy trays once used to take impressions of your teeth for dental restorations. The images provided by the iTero are more accurate and allow for better fitting and more comfortable dental restorations. Dr. Alexander uses iTero technology to create Invisalign aligners that are highly efficient and accurate.


What Is It?

ViziLite uses a solution and light combination to find abnormal cells developing in the mouth. The abnormal cells glow, making them easy for Dr. Alexander to identify.

What Are The Benefits?

ViziLite allows Dr. Alexander to find abnormal cells in the mouth before they are visible to the human eye. Early detection of oral cancer is essential for an effective treatment plan. With oral cancer rates on the rise, it is essential that all patients get screened for oral cancer. All of our preventative care visits include an oral cancer screening for the benefit of your optimal oral health.


What Is It?

CEREC is a CAD/CAM software program that can take digital images of your teeth and gums and manufacture dental restorations all in the convenience of our Jacksonville dentist office.

What Are The Benefits?

CEREC technology allows for certain dental restorations to be done in just one visit. The materials it uses for restorations are natural looking and can be color matched to your existing teeth. The material is biocompatible, metal free, plaque and stain resistant. CEREC creates highly accurate, comfortable restorations that will last for years.

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