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Family Dentistry Keeps Everyone’s Smile Healthy!

Jacksonville dentist Dr. Don Alexander offers dentistry services for the whole family and can handle everything from cosmetic concerns to complex dental health problems and sleep apnea.

Family dentistry means that parents can accompany children to the dentist- not just as a reassuring support, but as a patient too! Children who may be feeling anxious about a trip to the dentist will often relax after watching Mom or Dad have their teeth cleaned in the same chair!

Dr. Alexander has hours of experience and post graduate studies and brings a wide range of experience to his Jacksonville dental practice, offering patients dental services that include everything from teeth whitening to dental implants and tooth extraction.

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Alexander offers sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide which enables patients to resume their daily routine after treatment.

Dr. Alexander offers pediatric dental services for young patients who can then continue to be patients as adults. Beginning at around age 3, young patients come in for a thorough exam and cleaning to prevent the development of tooth decay and cavities: starting good oral habits young is the foundation for maintaining long term dental health. Studies have shown the relationship between oral health and overall health, emphasizing the importance of visiting Dr. Alexander twice a year to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Dr. Alexander has incorporated the latest in digital dental technology into his office for many dental services, offering digital x-rays, impressions and same day dentistry with CEREC. Dental technology offers patients more accurate results with less discomfort and downtime in a variety of procedures.

Experience the benefits of family dentistry in Jacksonville with Dr. Alexander!