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Headache Therapy Jacksonville, FL

There is a strong connection between specific types of headaches and TMJ disorders. Dr. Donald Alexander is among a handful of dentists in Jacksonville, FL with the training and experience to treat TMJ disorders and the associated symptoms.

Headaches that are linked to TMJ disorders are often the result of malocclusion, or an unbalanced bite. If the teeth don’t make proper contact, they can create stress points which can cause facial tension and lead to headaches or facial pain.

Another cause of TMJ headaches is teeth grinding or teeth clenching. This often occurs during sleep, so you may not be aware that you have an issue. The common signs of teeth grinding are morning headaches or facial pain, worn teeth, or cuts on the inside of the cheek or tongue.

TMJ Headache Therapy

If you suspect your headaches are caused by a TMJ disorder, Dr. Alexander will perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes a bite analysis. He will examine the relationship between the jaw joints, teeth and muscles to determine if the system is in harmony.

Treatment for TMJ headaches is unique to the individual and several treatments may be offered until the best solution is reached. Dr. Alexander strives to provide the most conservative treatments with the best results. Treatment for TMJ headaches can range from a simple night guard to stop teeth grinding to advanced bite correction procedures that involve reshaping the teeth to bring the bite into harmony.

TMJ Mouthguard

A TMJ mouthguard is custom made to fit over the teeth and prevent you from grinding your teeth during sleep.

Bite Correction

Dr. Alexander may also perform a bite correction procedure to bring the teeth into proper alignment. This can involve any number of treatments from tooth reshaping to cosmetic bonding, veneers, crowns or Invisalign therapy.

Get Relief From Frequent Headaches in our Jacksonville Dental Office

A simple bite analysis and consultation can reveal whether or not your headaches are caused by TMJ dysfunction. You can experience permanent relief. Schedule a consultation with Jacksonville dentist Dr. Alexander. Call 904.372.8157 or request an appointment online.